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Stay booked all season long with online advertising campaigns that get you found at the top of Google. Try it free for a month and we’ll show you what we can do!

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Gondola’s website platform is set up perfectly for Google Ads to become a profitable lead generating machine. However, it’s tough to get your site to rank at the top of Google for all of the different ways people could be searching for your trips. Skip the line with Google Ads and get leads from people who otherwise may not have found you.

We’re offering Gondola clients a free 30-days of Google Ads management to prove it works!

Dedicated Marketing Rep

No Service Contracts

Trackable Results

No % Fees On Trips Booked

How to get started

1.) Submit your application through the form below to start the process. We’ll follow up to learn more about your business and your goals.

2.) We’ll help you create Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts if you don’t have them already.

3.) After conducting keyword research, we’ll build out your ad campaigns and send you ad previews to be approved before going live.

4.) For the first 30 days of your campaigns being active, you’ll only be billed directly by Google for the actual cost of the advertisements. We can set a maximum budget to control how much you’re charged each month.

5.) After the free trial period, we’ll review your account and talk through what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve moving forward. Should you choose to continue the partnership (we know you will!), you’ll be billed by Gondola for the monthly fee.

Tell us about your business, your goals, your experience with online advertising, etc.

Case study:
Blackcloud fishing charters

During Q1 of 2022, which is normally Ricky’s “slow season”, we were able to generate an additional 138 new leads for a total ad spend of $1,314.07. That mean’s Ricky was paying under $10 for someone to contact him about his guided bass fishing trips which go for an average of $500/trip.

50 of his Q1 bookings could be attributed to Google Ads, generating over $25,000 in revenue (not including tips!).

See metrics from Ricky's account, examples of real ads, testimonials from The Click Hatch clients, and a breakdown of how our system works in the case study below.  


“I owe it all to Dan for making me a full-time guide. I was part-time guiding for two years. As soon as I began working with Dan, the increase in my inquiries tripled in just a week. In three months time, I booked 50+ trips and got so busy I had to forward trips to fellow guides. He knows the guiding business, makes adjustments when needed, sends monthly reports, and checks-in with me regularly. You won’t regret working with Dan for all your marketing needs and management.”

Ricky Congero, Owner/Guide,